Gresh's Lunch Box

We need your thoughts on the Lunch Box Gresh brought to work today…


lunch box Gresh's Lunch Box

  • gresh

    I think it’s totally appropriate. Up yours jim and zo. you ellsbury’s.

  • Goose

    Nothing says “Im a badass” like salamanders. Whats in your lunchbox Gresh lowfat yogurt and a banana? Actually now that I think about it you probably stole that lunchbox from shaughnessy on his way in to work.

  • Carol

    You need the backpack I got that matches!!

    -Connor’s God Mother, Carol

  • Vinny

    Gresh, it looks like the 80s threw up on your lunchbox.

  • brian

    did you pack my ruth ruth baby ruth

  • dan

    no lie, my 6 month old daughter was dropped off at her grandmother’s house this morning with a similar lunch box filled with 3 bottles of breast milk…. what’s gresh got in there?

  • King David

    Does little Andy skip to work?

  • Money c

    Looks like a five year olds bathing suit.

  • Mike inNorth Kingston

    Ooooh, its so close to a man purse, does it match his shoes? Will somebody be waiting for him at his stop when he gets off the bus?

  • power

    Baby Huey

  • Vinny

    Gresh goes green, where’s the freaking turtles.

  • Steve

    Modern day Beaver Cleaver…expect Gresh looks like Lumpy! “Yes Miss Landers”

  • Ray

    Your not suppose to put the all fat pepperoni on the 100 cal bread
    It not gonna work
    I like the lunch bag !! Nice Gresh

  • mark

    Gresh stole his wife’s lunch bag making it his man purse!

  • Brett

    Lizards on your lunch box Gresh, seriously? You couldn’t opt for a kiddie lunch box with sloths or hippos to better suit you? Only kidding bro. But ditch the homo lunch box, or give it back to your kids.

  • Rich Keefe

    I wonder if those are lizards or salamanders on there Gresh? I think it’s time for a Creature Feature!

  • Richard Keefe

    I wonder if those are lizards or salamanders on that lunchbox of yours Gresh? I think this merits a Creature Feature!

  • Adam

    Gresh’s attempt at bringing the fanny pack back.

  • clem

    is that where you keep your insulin?

  • susan

    it is cute, just hopefully all the food can fit in the bag

  • Jason

    fat kid’s gotta eat at some point. let gresh enjoy his hikers delight of cliff bars and trail mix snacks.

  • Guapo

    What happened, all out of Dora the Explorer bags?

  • Alex

    Thats about as sexy as trading away Savard.

  • Dale From Across the Street

    Andy I bring a Beverly Hillbillies lunch box to work every single day, keep on keepin on partner.

  • Sully

    In the event of this weekend’s upcoming “storm of the decade”, your lunch sachel may be used as a floatation device.

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