Sand bags are washing away on Plum Island. (WBZ-AM)

Several communities are wringing out a lot of water after four straight days of rain.While Boston got 4.5 inches, places like Manchester, Braintree, and West Bridgewater registerd more than 5.5 inches.

This week’s stormy weather has taken a toll on Plum Island in Newbury.

A series of huge sand bags placed two years ago to help slow erosion are washing away.

A plan to put 120-thousand yards of sand on the beach will now begin ahead of schedule in about two weeks.

Local officials say the shoreline is extremely vulenrable to fall storms.
State environmental officials plan to dredge the Merrimack River channel  and use the sediment to reinforce eroded sections of the beach.

Some homes have to been lost to the sea because of erosion.

WBZ-TV file

A house that collapsed on Plum Island. (WBZ-TV file)


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