Gary LaPierreI’m not sure yet, but I think there’s a good chance I’d better get my testosterone levels checked because there’s something going on here that has me worried….about myself.     It’s this:   I think the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and all of its macho blood and guts crap is sick.                Yes……sick-sick-sick!!!!

     It’s been out there for some time, I’ve even occasionally slowed down the clicker on the TV when accidentally coming across one of those bloodthirsty events, because to be honest with you, I enjoy a good boxing match…i.e. Muhammed Ali style.

     But this crap is SICK….with a capital SICK!   And the thing that pushed me over the edge recently was the huge front page, color pictures etc. in the Boston Globe singing the praises of this barbaric sport.   Quotes from the Globe: “Blood will be spilled, brains will be rattled, body parts will be wrenched and battered and some will be damaged.”   Fun!   Fun!!    Fun!!!

     It used to be banned… was called “human cockfighting.”  Well they don’t let the “cocks” fight anymore in this country, bears can’t wrestle, kangaroos aren’t allowed to box and dog fights are a state and federal crime.   I don’t think we can throw Christians to the lions anymore either but if two Neanderthal men can beat each others brains out until one of them can’t stand….AND it makes money for the state…’s a beautiful thing.

     The Governor loves it, the legislature gives its blessings and the prediction is in Massachusetts for example, the first-ever previously banned UFC event in the Commonwealth will pump upwards of 6-million dollars into the economy.   Yes, some of the 30,000 fans will pay as much as $600 a seat to watch on Saturday.

     Please don’t touch my skirt!


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