Hour 1:

  • Detroit sucks, but don’t tell Fred that. Apparently Johnny Damon is on Fred’s side with this one.
  • Fred rants about people using his  headphones.
  • Male Bag- Johnny Damon, Barack Obama called to commend show but Adolfo hung up on him, Pink Hats, Tuukka Rask gets iced at Country Fest, Gruden’s face growl and Tony Dungy.

Hour 2:

  • Rajon Rondo chooses not to play on the national team for family issues. Or was it because he wasn’t going to make it anyway?
  • Fred gets foiled by a hero sandwich.
  • Team U.S.A. talk.
  • A clip of a kid hearing her parents having sex. Does that sound familiar Adolfo?
  • Johnny Damon- Why he didn’t go to the Red Sox and why the Red Sox wanted him.

Hour 3:

  • Johnny Damon- Is him not playing for the Red Sox an embarrassment? Why didn’t Tampa go for him?
  • Tim Cowlishaw- His source was right about Darrelle Revis signing with the Jets despite critiques.
  • Peter Abraham calls in and talks about Johnny Damon- We he have gone to Boston if the Sox had a better chance at the playoffs? He also talks about Josh Beckett.
  • Basil Marceaux is running as an elected official for Tennessee while equally batty Chris Young is running for Governor of Rhode Island while singing. Clips of both.

Hour 4:

  • Basil Marceaux calls in. We hear his takes on traffic stops, homosexuals, guns and Batman vs. Superman.
  • Aaron Ward, who retired, also called in. It turns out that he would have played for the Bruins if given the opportunity. Rich tries to subconsciously recruit him for the show.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Rich’s wife is past due to have a baby, Basil Marceaux, Crash’s birthday and a dog plug.
  • Crossover

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