Not sure why I’m mentioning this, except to demonstrate my total disdain for the way people treat each other nowadays.     We’re all in such a freekin’ hurry!

   Gary LaPierre  Headed to the church funeral mass for my Mother-In-Law the other day, riding in the family limo directly behind the hearse and the clearly marked lead vehicle with funeral banners displayed and security lights flashing.    As the lead vehicle slowly makes a left turn into the church parking lot, a speeding BMW coming from the opposite direction decides to cut off the hearse, forcing the hearse driver to slam on the brakes, (same for us directly behind him) and the woman driver in the “beemer” obviously irate, can’t understand why our hearse driver is asking her to back-up and allow the funeral procession to proceed.

     She not only refused to back up, allowing the vehicle carrying the body to pass, this peroxide bimbo proceeds to hit the gas,  nearly mowing down the hearse driver, cuts off the funeral procession and with tires screeching, roars down the roadway out of sight.

     These are driving skills demonstrated by an abundance of “beemer” drivers and oh yes……several of us got her license plate number and we know who she is.   The police have the real plate number  but I think it might have been…Cape and Islands Massachusetts plate:                                                                                                           “I AM IMPORTANT AND I’M IN A FREEKIN’ HURRY”


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