Hour 1:

  • Fred’s in-laws are in town and take over the television.
  • Jon Gruden makes a return.
  • John Lackey audio.
  • Male Bag- “Brady Bunch,” Jon Gruden, Country Joe Wes, personalities on teams and Tiger Woods.

Hour 2:

  • Ask a Pink Hat
  • Discussion about Jay Mariotti.
  • Tim Deloisio of www.firebrandal.com called in to talk about Johnny Damon and where he could go, if anywhere. What use could the Red Sox have for him? He also talks about the Red Sox chances for the playoffs and Manny Ramirez.
  • Johnny Damon audio- Does he really like Detroit?

Hour 3:

  • More Damon talk.
  • Game- Jon Gruden “This Guy” Challenge. Jermy plays. Or is that Jeremy? Ask Adolfo.
  • Tiger Woods divorce finalized- Despite being paid off to shut up and then posing with a tiger, Rachel Uchitel wants him back.
  • Logan Mankins is holding out for a better contract.
  • Tom Brady hates the Jets. Big surprise. More “Hard Knocks” and Rex Ryan talk. How can you not like him after seeing the show? How many Pats fans are watching?

Hour 4:

  • Dave Richard calls in to discuss fantasy football picks.
  • Personality on teams- Red Sox are suffering, and the tight-lipped Pats are starting to get old too. Why can’t there be a designated asshole?
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Calling in vs. texting and Adolfo’s internet history.
  • Crossover- Mostly Adolfo talk.

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