Public Service Announcements

WBZ-TV Boston accepts public service announcements (PSAs) for review and consideration.  Placement of PSAs is subject to airtime availability.  If you wish to make a submission, please send your PSA at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your ideal start date.

WBZ-TV prefers PSAs on DVC Pro but can accept DVD format. The most common lengths are 10, 15, and 30 second spots.

Please include a letter containing the background of your organization, and we ask that you provide an expiration date for when the tape should be taken out of rotation.

Due to the large volume of PSA’s received on a weekly basis, not all tapes will make it into rotation, and tapes will not be returned. If you wish to submit a PSA, please mail it to:

Attn: Public Affairs Department
1170 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02134

If you have further questions, email rcdooley@cbs.com or call 617-787-7083.

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