Hour 1:

  • Adolfo driving into work for the first time.
  • Bust on Buster Olney and his Tweets.
  • New York Giants vs. New York Jets Preseason match up recap.
  • Eli Manning and his 3 inch laceration.  Calvin Pace rocks Manning which lead to a serious cut on his head requiring 12 stitches.
  • Mark Sanchez and his first half performance.
  • The Man-Town Club House?  Hillman buys a bar and Zolak makes an appearance and Fred goes off about how wise of an investment that is.
  • Male Bag
  • Fireman Ed and what happened on Monday Night Football.

Hour 2:

  • Bryce Harper and his controversial signing being so young and what exposure to the Majors at a young age may have on him.
  • Ben Jarvis Green-Day Replay.
  • Peter Abraham, Boston Globe Red Sox Reporter:  Red Sox discussion, Jonathan Papelbon on the decline, Jacoby still being a baby.
  • Arkansas Reporter because she wore a Florida hat to the Arkansas coaches press conference.
  • Savard talks to Canadian media and rumors of Bruins interested in trading him.
  • NHL, NHLPA and the CBA – They also discuss the Bruins depth chart.

Hour 3:

  • The NFL Crime Pool – The guys pick 5 players each and the callers pick 5 to see who will have the list with the most NFL players who end up getting arrested this season.
  • The NBA has a lot of problems.  There is a shift of great players moving to the East Coast to join other great players to create super teams.  Carmelo Anthony’s wedding toast gets real awkward and the stained relationship with the Nuggets owner, who was a guest at his wedding.
  • This is league fallout because of Lebron James and his own self-righteousness.
  • Jon Gruden This Guy Challenge

Hour 4:

  • Jon Gruden This Guy Challenge continues….
  • Fantasy Football talk, Dave Richard from CBS Sport.com joins the guys to discuss players and drafts with listeners
  • Listen Now Discuss
  • Cross Over with Gresh and Zo

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