markoff philip court4ap1 Report: Markoff left a message

There’s no word if Philip Markoff left an actual suicide note, but law enforcement officials tell the Boston Globe that ther was a message found in his jail cell Sunday morning.

It was the name “Megan” scrawled in his blood.

Authorities believe it was referring to Megan McAllister, his ex-fiance who had broken off the couple’s engagement shortly after Markoff was arrested.

Also written, and not yet explained, the word “pocket.”

Northeastern University Professor James Fox discusses the new developments:

Authorities are withholding the precise cause of death for Markoff following an autopsy on the former medical student.

The Suffolk County district attorney’s office said Monday the medical examiner’s office was still awaiting the results of specialized tests. They have said Markoff apparently took his own life.

Will justice ever be served? A former prosecutor speaks with  WBZ NewsRadio:

Meanwhile, the county sheriff says a Boston city councilor is trying to score publicity for his election campaign by seeking an independent investigation of jailhouse procedures.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral says City Councilor Stephen Murphy “persists in talking about things about which he knows nothing.” Murphy is running for state treasurer.


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