Hour 1:

  • The PGA Championship Ruling that cost Dustin Johnson a chance at a playoff.
  • Rich and Fred cough up $300 bucks to get Wallach tickets to the Aerosmith/J. Giles Show.
  • Male Bag
  • Jacoby Ellsbury breaks a rib, AGAIN!
  • Torry Holt season ends with an injury.

Hour 2:

  • Entertainment with Rich: Gathering of the Jugaloo’s; Tela Tequila gets injured at event by fans.  Tom Green at the Gathering does a video documentary.  Roast of David Hasselhoff on Comedy Central.
  • Red Sox discussion.
  • Red Sox playoff hopes lie on their bullpen and how bad they have produced lately.
  • Instant Replay needs to be used in MLB.  Why is Little League using instant replay and the Major Leagues can’t get it right?

Hour 3:

  • Wendy Combattente, Wendy4, joins the guys after they first meet her 4 years ago in the MySpace Girl of the Week bit.
  • Bert Breer joins the guys to discuss the Patriots and their current roster, who will be here, or will be gone and what the seasons outlook is.
  • Jon Wallach talks about the concert and Fred continually reminds Jon that they spent $300 on him and his wife to see the show.
  • Adolfo goes out to Fenway to get fan reactions after the Aerosmith Concert.

Hour 4:

  • PGA Tour Championship discussion and how players fell apart on the final day.
  • Red Sox talk and the return of Pedroia to the lineup.  “Laser Show” comment stirs discussion.
  • $300 seats……..Wallach?  You’re Welcome.  They revisit the concert again.
  • More Adolfo Audio from outside the show.
  • Listen Now Discuss
  • Cross Over with Gresh and Zo

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