When Hardy walked into the studio this morning, we knew we had to take this picture for our listeners. Please feel free to leave a comment!…

img00023 20100816 1039 Hardy & Zo...Twins!

Comments (11)
  1. Steven Melo says:

    Are you guys headed to P-Town….lol

  2. walter says:

    hipster doofuses indeed – nice man purse zo – when does al breer need it back?

  3. Gary in Norwell says:

    This looks like something the leg-shaver felger would wear.

  4. Mike says:

    are you guys headed to a bowling league?

  5. Masood says:

    looks like a nightmare :)

  6. Lou Gonzales says:

    Looks like Schwarzenneger and DeVito in Twins, how short is Hardy?

  7. Justin says:

    Yeah, that little guy does look like Danny Divito…

  8. Garrett says:

    Hardy wears it better. Shouldn’t Captain Chicken-Fried be wearing a cowboy hat and bandana?

  9. Zac Brown says:

    Zolak, did you wear that shirt to the Mantown Bar?

  10. clem says:

    you two look like buddies butt.

  11. Dan says:

    Apparently the follicles of Zolak, did not fall anywhere close to the tree with Hardy. I think Hardy wishes he could have the head of hair, that only Zolak could have!

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