Gary LaPierre Many times after reading the morning newspapers, Sunday in particular, I have to scratch my head and wonder “what in Hell could these people be thinking?”

     How ’bout, just for openers, a dope slap for  Obama to say he’s OK with building a mosque just a couple of blocks from ground zero in NYC.    Yes I know, he’s trying to squirm out of it now by redefining his words, but the reality is he said it and the “community organizer” from Chicago still doesn’t get it.      Newt Gingrich is right when he says erecting that Muslim mosque there is like putting a Nazi sign next to the Holocaust Museum.

     So Barack, how was that little swim in the Gulf of Mexico?  prez1 e1280764572879 Like Shootin' Fish In A Barrel !Nice gesture I guess but still miles and miles and miles and two states away from where the oil spill actually hit.  Reality check Mr. Prez, go to Martha’s Vineyard.  Maybe your friend Barney Frank will zip over from Provincetown (where he’s fund-raising) and share a mimosa with you.  Wouldn’t that be special!!

     A dope slap for the people in California who go out into the desert and watch off-road trucks race through the landscape, no stands, no fences, no security, just nut-jobs waiting for another off-roader to fly by them.   Sad to say they got their reality check over the weekend; 8 dead 12 injured, crushed by a flippin’ truck.

     And finally, a reality check for Katherine Gundelfinger (yuh, that’s really her name) from Pittsfield, Massachusetts who has gathered enough signatures to force a change in the local laws to allow women to sunbathe topless in Pittsfield. Katherine says women have a desire to feel the emotional and physical well-being that comes with baring their boobs to sunlight.

     Good one Ms. Gundelfinger.  Let me know how that works out for ya.


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