Hour 1:

  • One Year Anniversary of 985TheSportsHub.
  • Preseason Game 1, Saints vs Patriots recapped.
  • Randy Cross razzing and his television bloopers.
  • Jonathan Papelbon blows another save and the Red Sox misfortunes.
  • The Shizzowie Challenge continues.
  • Male Bag

Hour 2:

  • Jon Wallach PARTY MACHINE!
  • FCC Regulations and Censorship gets Fred fired up over the Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
  • Adolfo and the Tailgate Food Challenge.  How long can Adolfo interview tailgaters while eating their food before he gets them pissed.
  • Red Sox talk continues

Hour 3:

  • Red Sox Talks continues.
  • The guys thank the listeners for their one year success.
  • The Comic Book Hero Patriots?  Adolfo heads out to the preseason game to mess with Pats fans about players that don’t exist.
  • Adolfo goes to tailgaters to interview them and see how long he can go eating their food before they get pissed off.
  • Bert Breer joins the boys to discuss last nights game.
  • Jon Gruden “This Guy Challenge”

Hour 4:

  • Fred continues his displeasure with Jonathan Papelbon and Wallach comes to Papelbon’s defense.
  • Fred starts in on his NCAA 11 Xbox 360 skills and how he has to restart the Back Yard Brawl.  Wallach gives him a hard time about quitting the game after 2 quarters.
  • Jon Wallach gets his Final Shizzowie because of a incorrect statement while razing Fred about his video gaming habits.  Costing him tickets to the Aerosmith/J. Giles Show.
  • Rich Goes To The Movies: “Scott Pilgrim”, “Eat, Pray and Love”, The Expendables
  • Listen Now Discuss
  • Cross over with Gresh and Zo.

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