Hour 1:

  • Marc Savard deal is under watch. The NHL continues to shoot themselves in the foot whenever hockey is on the upside.
  • Shaq conference- Rich was there taking pictures of the back of Shaq’s head.
  • Brandon Phillips of the Reds calls the Cardinals whiny bitches- He tapped a Cardinal on the shinguard and eventually a brawl breaks out.
  • Clips of Bronson Arroyo covers- Double douche with Incubus.
  • Male Bag- Looney’s take on Shaq joining the Celtics, Kevin Garnett flies up from Hawaii to see the press conference, Jon Lester calling in on Mondays is false advertisement since he doesn’t and the foul ball that hit a girl.
  • Would you give your foul ball to a kid?

Hour 2:

  • Jimmy Street’s rap replay.
  • Doc Rivers and Shaq- Shaq is an upgrade on Rasheed.
  • Shazowie Wallach- In order to keep the Aerosmith/J. Giles Band tickets, he must not be called out on factual mistakes on the show. Otherwise, listeners can steal them from him.
  • Shaq conference- Rich gets a question in. He also talks to Doc about Scalabrini…
  • Fred’s experience at My Gym.

Hour 3:

  • Rich tests Wallach in the Shazowie Challenge.
  • Patriotss practice- Mike Lockhart talked to Randall Gay, ex Patriot currently on the Saints, about the benefits of scrimmaging against the Pats.
  • More attempted Shazowies.
  • Bert Breer- Helps out with Shazowie #1. Talks about the Brady deal and whether he should play before an agreement is reached.
  • Bill Walton and the Grateful Dead…a double douche. Let’s put it this way…”Take Me Out to the Ballgame” was done with kazoos.
  • Entertainment with Rich- Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme turned down roles to “The Expendables.” “The Office” will not replace Steve Carell’s role with Ricky Gervais. Instead, the front runners are Reese Darby and Kenny Powers.

Hour 4:

  • NESN poll takers voted Toucher & Rich as the best sports show in Boston. Dennis and Callahan came in last.
  • Kovalchuk deal makes NHL look back at old contracts already approved.
  • Matt Kalman calls in- The host of http://www.bruinsblog.net talks about how the Savard contract might not be voided, but could bring penalties. He also talks about trade rumors.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Foul ball, Grateful Dead fans, Eli Porter is better than¬† Jimmy Streets and Coach.
  • Crossover- Grateful Dead vs. Jimmy Buffet and Steven Slater, the steward who flipped out.
  • Fred flips out a bit about Jerry Garcia fans.

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