Hour 1:

  • Ex-chairman of the Turnpike Authority got a DUI. The media is making sure everyone knows just how much of a loser he is. Rich shares his story on how he was in the newspaper for saving a kidnapped girl. At the end of the article, it brought up the fact that he was arrested for feigning going to the bathroom on a display toilet in a hardware store.
  • New Madden game- Gaming geeks rejoice. Toucher and Rich also talk about other games they’ve played religiously.
  • Male Bag- Tom Looney, Van Halen, Human Sexipede, other adult film parodies, Ellsbury and Wallach pouting.
  • The guys mock sports radio critics.
  • Rich makes a big market tease for “The Expendables.”
  • Football talk- Tom Brady was spotted playing golf with Robert Kraft. Darrelle Revis is a pain.

Hour 2:

  • Adolfo serves some B Boys at a break dancing competition.
  • Peter Abraham of Boston Globe talks Red Sox. Did they overpay for Beckett and Lackey? He also talks about Carlos Delgado.
  • Fred is worrying about his daughter reaching puberty at age 7.
  • Detroit Pistons may possibly move. Fred and Rich argue about which market is better…Detroit or San Diego.

Hour 3:

  • Fred vs. Rich
  • A. Sherrod Blakely- He talks Shaq, Rasheed and Tony Allen.
  • Kovalchuk deal- Will this set a precedent for other deals?
  • Michael Ryder and hockey talk. Rich plays the Tuukka Time song.
  • Boston is known for it’s weirdos…the guy bathing in a fountain, the man stuffing a cracker into the ATM machine and Four-Square Freddy, for example. Now meet Jimmy Streets, the rapper. He produces mad amphibians. Beep!

Hour 4:

  • Dave Richard gives advice about fantasy football.
  • Rick talks about his sister-in-law’s police stalker. She’s afraid of calling the police department or talking to a lawyer.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Cop stalker
  • Crossover- Shaq press conference and “Shaq Versus.”

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