Hour 1:

  • Rays lose, Sox still in the running for the wild card.
  • Brandon Morrow- One batter away from having a no-hitter.
  • Carlos Delgado signed to Red Sox.
  • Bobby Valentine is as terrible an analyst as Joe Morgan.
  • Scalabrini will announce his future on the Toucher and Rich show sometime in the future.
  • Tacks were put on the Barnstable portion of the course during the Pan Mass Challenge.
  • Male Bag- Pre-season NFL, Tiger Woods, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Favre, Obama plays basketball, “Step Up 3D” and more.
  • Fred’s friends are building their own second floor. He seeks their help for his own problems.

Hour 2:

  • Fred’s drainage problem and the Alabama Leprechaun.
  • Tiger Woods talk.
  • The Red Sox are tied for second place in the wild card race. Who on the team is expendable?
  • Scalloween appearance- Fred was in a great mood while hosting this “Dress Up Like Brian Scalabrini” event. And by great, I mean typical Fred. And there’s video.

Hour 3:

  • Most Annoying Fans bracket- Jets vs. Philly.
  • Boston Globe article on ratings between 98.5 the Sports Hub and WEEI.
  • Break dancing- Fred talks about his break dancing skills and Rich interviews some B Boys outside a break dancing competition. Do the dancers know anything about the new supreme court justice or vice president of the United States? And what do you call a fat B Boy?

Hour 4:

  • Red Sox- Who can the team move?
  • Nick Cafardo- How much has Ellsbury alienated the club house? Has he hurt his trade value? Should Red Sox give Ortiz a new contract? Wallach gets upset again.
  • When high school shows go to college.
  • Rich gets advice from cop- His sister has a stalker, and he’s a New Orleans cop.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Cop stalker.
  • Crossover- New Madden game, Tanguay gets one-on-one interview with Shaq tomorrow and Scalabrini is open to playing basketball in Europe.

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