Hour 1:

  • Reminiscing of the last day of WBCN.
  • Why is everyone pissed about Shaq joining the Celtics?
  • Where’s Adolfo?
  • Male Bag- RBI, Rib Balloons Indeed, Screech is wrestling in Massachusetts, backyard wrestling, Andy Gresh confirmed to United States Supreme Court, Roger Huerta pounds a guy who hit a girl.
  • Full House

Hour 2:

  • More sitcom talk, especially of Full House and Brady Bunch.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap- He hates JD Drew, but loves the thick ladies.
  • Is Carlos Delgata a better option that Lowell? Red Sox managers might think so.
  • More Red Sox talk- How well can they possibly do?

Hour 3:

  • Rich Goes to the Movies- “Troll 2,” “Birdemic” and Todd Solence movies are the best worst movies ever. Rich’s trailer of “Step Up 3D.” “Expendables” is getting ripped apart by critics.
  • Jon Lester- He talks about how the tightness in his hamstring was blown out of proportion, Mike Lowell’s home run, Daniel Bard, touching Beltre’s hair and Jacoby Ellsbury’s reception from the team.
  • Most Annoying Fans bracket- Montreal vs. Philly. It’s a close one.

Hour 4:

  • The guys talk about Jersey Shore 2.
  • Jim Kaat- The analyst for MLB Network talks about the Red Sox and their injuries and playoff odds.
  • Tiger Woods- He isn’t the same player, and probably never will be. He came in ninth in his most current tournament, and will not qualify to be an automatic pick for the U.S. Ryder Cup team. He played his worst round of golf in his professional career.
  • Ask a Pink Hat- Replay of yesterday’s.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Josh McDaniels, Red Sox fans and Philly.
  • Crossover

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