Gary LaPierre Ahh…’s a great feeling,  5-days into the month of August and my record remains clean and intact.  I’ve put the crow back into the freezer because it appears my single-handed effort to keep casinos and racinos out of Massachusetts has succeeded.    Well, maybe not single-handed, but for all the reasons indicated in my last posting (Aug. One) it appears the Commonwealth is going to remain free of these glitzy dens of iniquity for at least……at least….another year.

     Not a huge surprise my friends since this legislature, not unlike the present Congress would have difficulty organizing a one car funeral, and you toss Deval Patrick into the mix and I’ll show you a total breakdown in the efforts to get anything done.

    I realize this is pretty much insider stuff for Massachusetts readers only, but just one more item if I may.    The potholes on I-93 in Medford.    What a disgrace. It’s a perfect example and proof of my long-held belief and conviction that this state is corrupt to the core.   It has been proven time and time again and the contractors who were paid millions to build that highway and used silly putty to do it, should hang their heads, along with the state honcho’s who awarded and oversaw the deal.


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