Hour 1:

  • Clips of Adolfo on the D.A. Show.
  • Red Sox talk- Ellsbury on the bench.
  • Male Bag- A Rod sucks, Carlos Santana’s knee, Kalish, Scooby Doo, Lackey, “Inception” vs. “Step Up 3D” and Tom Brady hose down.

Hour 2:

  • Kerry Wood goes to Yankees. Should Red Sox have let him go so easily?
  • Peter Abraham of Boston Globe called in and said Wood is better off on the Yankees because he’s not very good. Basically, he agrees with Fred.
  • Fred vs. Rich

Hour 3:

  • Red Sox talk.
  • Celtics- Heat vs. Celtics for the season opener?
  • Lebron- He took out an ad in the Akron paper thanking fans.
  • Most Annoying Fans bracket- Any Philadelphia team vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans. Philly wins, hands down.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap
  • Game- Who Makes More Than Tom Brady?
  • Who cares about the NBA schedule? Why do we need an hour-long show about it?

Hour 4:

  • Mark Kelso, former Buffalo Bill calls in- Is there anything different about the Bills this year that will help them make it to the end? Will Trent Edwards be the starting quarterback? What should Cincinnati expect from Terrell Owens?
  • Rick Pitino case- Will he be fired? Also, there are photos out there of Karen Sypher and her lawyer getting ready to get it on.
  • No one wants to have sex with Fred.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Rick Pitino, Charlie Weis called out Pete Carol, Rich’s dad is going black bear hunting, etc.
  • Crossover- Tanguay made a bad joke and cleared the crowd. Adolfo lets the phone ring 144 times. “I’m just the coffee stirring this mocha latte,” he said. Also ICP and Pitino.

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