Gary LaPierreSo far this month, I haven’t been wrong in one single prediction and I’m going to try to maintain that perfect record for at least 31-days.   alright, so I’m starting to prepare my meal of crow from last months prediction that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would not legalize casinos and/or racinos……. but it’s not over yet!!   It’s not a done deal and it won’t happen if Deval Patrick sticks to his guns, but right now I’m not feeling a whole lot of love from His Excellency and my fears are rising, casinos, racinos and all the sleaze, crime and corruption that comes with them, could happen. What it comes right down to is this:  As the Commonwealth has instituted and in most cases raised every tax and surcharge known to mankind, it’s still looking to shake down the minions  for more so lets attack their weaknesses.  Let’s go after those folks waiting for the SS check, the welfare check, the unemployment check, whatever to come in, and give them a smoke-filled room with lots of glitz, some free drinks to help grease the skids and some one-armed bandits, roulette wheels, poker and blackjack tables where the house can separate these folks from their money.

     patrick sitdown2 dec09ap1 Welcome to the Month of AugustGovernor Deval Patrick has stated emphatically, “racinos and slot parlors bring more social harm than they do benefits” and as far as I’m concerned, the same applies to casinos.  The Governor thinks a couple of casinos in the state would be a good idea, but trust me Gov, once the camel gets his nose under the tent, all bets are off as to where it goes from there.


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