Hour 1:

  • Fred had a crappy weekend with a nagging wife.
  • Male Bag- Mike Lowell, “Inception,” backyard wrestling, Ellsbury Bobblehead Night, Nickelback, Incubus interview and Tom Brady’s hair.

Hour 2:

  • Entertainment with Rich- Why Mike Tyson appeared on “The Hangover” and American Idol Judges.
  • Ozzie Guillan says that Latino baseball players are treated worse than Asians and aren’t given interpreters.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap- Adolfo love
  • Red Sox trades- Will they make the playoffs?

Hour 3:

  • Bert Breer- Talks Patriots contracts.
  • Most Annoying Fans bracket- Duke Blue Devils vs. New York Jets. Toys attached to  helmets vs. Entitlement. Jets fans win.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap- Sounds like Adolfo’s dad. Adolfo tries translating Spanglish.

Hour 4:

  • Training camp talk.
  • Dan Leverfeld of Jets Confidential calls in.
  • NFL simulation engine calculates stats of players and comes up with predictions. According to this device, Pats will have a 10-6 record, Jets 7-9, Dolphins 6-10. In the final rounds, Packers will win against the cowboys and the Ravens will lose to the Chargers. Packers will take it all.
  • “What Would You Do?” show- A small gang of Latinos pretends to beat the crap out of a guy and cameras wait to see what onlookers do.  While most people were smart and stayed away, despite being judged by members of the show, one woman got out of a van, where her kids were, and yelled at them.
  • Rich is a real life hero who witnessed a rape attempt and kidnapping and followed the guy in his car while calling 911.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Ozzie Guillan, police officers call in about “What Would You Do?”
  • Crossover- Gresh and Zolak call T&R douchebags. Talk about hazing at Patriots training camp.

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