autorepair Landmark auto repair bill fails to pass

A bill that supporters say would allow Massachusetts consumers to get their vehicles fixed at a wider range of locations has failed to gain final approval in the Legislature.

The legislation, called the “Right to Repair” bill, was passed by the Senate in July, but never came up for a House vote before the end of legislative session on Saturday.

The bill would require authorized automobile dealerships to sell the correct codes, tools and information needed to repair cars to independent auto dealerships and vehicle owners.

Independent repair shops argue that without such information they have been prevented from repairing many cars.

Opponents argue that releasing proprietary information would give a competitive advantage to makers of generic parts.

Massachusetts would have become the first state in the nation to pass such a measure.

  1. H.PALLADINO says:

    i had to pay 660for rear brakes 550 FOR FRONT brakes &rotorsbecause I couldn’t by the parts myself .what happened to the days of HENRY FORD ?? HE HAD PLENTY OF PARTS . WHAT A DISCRACE AMERICAN CARS with no PARTS

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