Hour 1:

  • Baseball talk- J.T. the Brick calls out people who don’t go to games.
  • Male Bag- Rajon Rondo talks about the “Three Kings.” There will probably be a new porno coming out called “Conception,” about making a baby within a baby within a baby. Dating on Demand comment. Similarities between Adolfo and Oksana. Kings of Leon are a-holes.
  • Rich and his quirks- He doesn’t rent library books and he is constantly listening to music, even when in a car with others.

Hour 2:

  • Game- Country Joe West or John Daly? The umpire and golfer duke it out with their country albums.
  • Why people aren’t watching the Red Sox- No whacky players like Manny? Because we finally won the World Series? Is Remy too over the top? Because all the known players are hurt?
  • Red Sox ratings compared to other Boston teams.

Hour 3:

  • Bert Breer calls in to talk about Patriots pre-season, Wes Welker, receivers, or lack thereof, and more.
  • Bracket- Most annoying sports fans in United States.
  • T.O.- Could he go to the Jets? Bengals?
  • Karen Sypher vs. Rick Pitino trial- Was she raped by Rick Pitino…twice? Did she try extorting him? Both sides of the stories have holes.

Hour 4:

  • More on the fudged WEEI ratings- Article from www.examiner.com.
  • Mel Gibson voicemail. He needs to calm down with the nicotine.
  • Wes Welker- He was placed on physically unable to perform list to help keep the roster open. This could change soon though, as it has nothing to do with a change in his health.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Fred’s infamous Incubus interview, Red Sox and more.

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