South Shore Hospital

A company that was hired by South Shore Hospital to destroy 800,000 obsolete computer records says the files were lost after the work was outsourced to a second firm.

The Weymouth hospital announced the data breach earlier this month, saying the material could contain Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information of patients, employees and others. But officials said there was no evidence that the missing material had fallen into the wrong hands.

A spokeswoman for Archive Data Solutions told The Patriot Ledger that it was told by its own outside vendor in early May that the files had been lost.

The spokeswoman, Jill Fallon, said Archive Data Solutions tried for about a month to track down the files before notifying the hospital. She did not identify the other company.

Comments (2)
  1. andrew mallard says:

    Still blame the hosptial for not choosing and monitoring the vendor closely, especially with highly confidential patient medical information and credit card numbers.

  2. maura roth says:

    I agree. We are talking about very sensitive medical data being stolen or lost.and it is beyond me why it is taking weeks for the hospital to get letters to those that are affected. The CEo wwas on TV saying not to worry, even his data was missing. Clearly, he does not understand what identity theft is all about and how serious this is and can be caused by someone accessing private medical data.

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