52440287 Felger & Mazz On: The Steroid Era

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Felger & Mazz talked about the Steroid Era in baseball and how the players during this time made a mockery of the game and the record books.

Felger: “This era in baseball [Steroid Era] took a giant leak on the record books that we grew up with and used to have meaning. They were ALL guilty, especially when you look at these home run numbers. When we were coming of age as baseball fans, here was the home run leader list: Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, and Harmon Killebrew. Only the top 3 were over 600 [home runs]. That was it. Now let’s look at that list. I’ll go down to 14 just to sort of prove my point. Here’s the all time home run leaders 1-14: #1 Barry Bonds, 2-4 Aaron, Ruth, Mays. #5 Ken Griffey. #6 Sammy Sosa, #7 Alex Rodriguez. #8 Frank Robinson, #9 Mark McGwire, #10 Jim Thome. #11 Harmon Killebrew, #12 Raphy Palmeiro. #13 Reggie Jackson, #14 Manny Ramirez. When we grew up, it was Aaron, Ruth, Mays. Now this list? They literally, they being the steroid era baseball players, took a steaming leak all over this list. This list used to be cool. Now it’s a joke.”

Massarotti: “They crapped all over the history of the game for their own benefit. This is why when players say ‘Well that’s not fair because you’re lumping me in with all the people who cheated.’ I say no, you lumped yourself in. Your Union [MLB Players Union] did it to you. They stood in the way of drug testing so don’t blame us for now being put in a position where we have to look at you all as cheaters. You guys like to think of yourselves as one when you negotiate as a players “Union”, that’s what the word union means it means one. So, fine. That’s what you get.’ I have no sympathy for the players on this one at all. They did this to themselves. It’s hard to believe any of them were clean. I don’t have an answer on the Hall of Fame thing, but it’s impossible to look at anyone who played in that era and not wonder.”

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  1. glen Landy says:

    Now the union wont let them test for hgh either. Plus do we really know how often big league players are tested anyway? When guys get really hot on a roll I wonder if they were just tested and they can do steroids or hgh for a while after they are tested. The union is killing the game and the health of players……..

  2. Eric says:

    Baseball doesn’t even have the biggest steroid issue. Football does. Yet it gets swept to the side because everyone is in love the sport and no one gives a crap. You have 350 pound lineman running 4.5’s. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’RE ON?

  3. Craig says:

    Felger made a point yesterday about how the hitters have benefitted far more than the pitchers have. I couldn’t agree more; however it also needs to be taken into consideration that around the same time the steroid era began, MLB expanded at least four more teams. Point being that there were so many pitchers that had no business throwing anything more than minor league batting practice, and who were throwing beach balls at these guys for them to tattoo out of the park. The one that comes to mind the most is Mcgwire’s 62nd home run. The guy basically threw an 88 mph meatball down the middle of the plate as though he would slip it by him. Point being I agree with the assessment that batters may have had a distinct advantage, but the talent pool between hitters and pitchers did not have an even balance. Pitchers like Pedro, Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz, Halliday, and Mulder still had plenty success against the sauce takers, where as others got hammered on. Good pitching still could beat good hitting…

  4. chris f says:

    Felger….you DB!

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