yacht Kerry to pay yacht taxes

The $7 mil "Isabel"

Senator John Kerry may have to pay close to half a million dollars in Massachusetts taxes on his new yacht.

He denied reports that he docked The Isabel in Rhode Island to save on taxes. He said he’ll pay all that he owes and that there is nothing more to say on the subject.

The 76 foot Isabel is worth about $7,000,000 and comes complete with a wet bar and cold wine storage.

  1. Maureen Kelley says:

    WBZ should be ashamed of itself. What an idiotic non-story! Without ANY proof, you are implying REPEATEDLY that the Senator is deliberately avoiding tax payments on his boat. Where is the evidence that this is the situation???? Why are you making this a story at all, when we just lost a soldier in Afghanistan and one is being held hostage? And what is going on in Iraq today? What else are the Republicans doing to stop President Obama’s agenda from getting through? Why aren’t you covering THOSE stories??? Instead, you go out of your way to show the yacht – over and over again – and imply that Senator Kerry is a rich elitist who thinks he’s above paying taxes. GET REAL! PLEASE. Let’s get some REAL news on here!

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