gary100x100 Tensions Rise..Time Running Short...OMG ! Do you believe this?      It’s true, the newspaper headlines are screaming….”tensions are rising”, “time is running short”, both sides are preparing to do battle”, “House and Senate leaders are puzzled.”   All of this  over some legislation to turn parts of Massachusetts into a Hell hole the likes of Las Vegas.   I’ve challenged the idea for decades, it was a bad idea years ago and it still is, but the knuckleheads of Beacon Hill still think the way to keep the economy bubbling is to prove the old adage…a fool and his money are soon parted.    Yup….gambling casinos and slot machines which breed on losers and still, even reasonably intelligent political types believe this would be like taking candy from a baby; because it would be!!!

     I have friends and probably family members as well who love going to casinos. some of them can afford it, some of them can’t, but all of them are losers because lets face it, the one-arm bandits (slot machines) got their name how?  You lose, and for the lawmakers of this state to think they can bail the state  out of financial woes on the backs of these people, to say nothing of the criminal element that strolls in under the guise of legalized gambling, is disgraceful.

     Casinos?  Maybe, but certainly not in my backyard. (nimby)   Slot machines at gambling sites all over the state?   Never!  This would be the biggest mistake this Commonwealth could make, unless of course properly run by organized crime figures and not the wanna-be OC types on Beacon Hill.

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  1. Richard Perez says:

    I disagree. Those who want to gamble should be allowed to do so. They’ll just take their money to CT or RI if we don’t get it. Besides, even if they lose, cities and towns win. What’s wrong with that?

    1. garywbz says:

      Hey Richard…..we’re in agreement on one thing…those who want to gamble should be allowed to do so. Those who want to use prostitutes should be allowed to do so……both can be found in Nevada. Yes, the money will go to RI or CT, but that’s OK with me, if it means a gambling casino in my back yard. And you say “even if they lose”…..the huge majority lose…I mean HUGE majority lose and many can’t afford to. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is already one of the biggest and most successful bookies in the country with it’s lottery system….and most successful because the bookie wins, the gamblers mostly lose. It’s not a moral thing with me honest, I just don’t like it.
      Gary L.

  2. robert n says:

    Good Lord slot machines organized crime, is this still 1920 Bugsy segal, or Scarface Capone must be making a come back.
    This state started to crumble when we banned dog racing.
    We saved the cute little doggies, but men and women lost their jobs. Revenue taxes from the tracks and surrounding businesses lost.
    The lottery how many people play the rent money on that and lose. NO don’t want to ban that though HUH.
    Grow up people slot machines will boost the economy, taxes, jobs, revenue.

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