sheeeed Celtics Trade Thoughts... What Could Happen?

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With all the rumors floating around in the NBA right now and the hometown Celtics looking for some help, let’s take a look at some possible trades that could net the C’s some pieces to their bench…

Realistic Options

Celtics trade Oliver Lafayette, Tony Gaffney, Baby Davis and Rasheed Wallace to Cleveland for Anderson Varejao and Anthony Parker

–          Cleveland gets a young piece (Davis) and ~$8 Million in expiring contracts that could be coupled with LeBron James’ trade exception ($14.2 Million) that would allow the Cavs to start the rebuilding process.  A process sped up by ridding themselves of Varejao’s deal (4-years and over $30 Million).

–          Celtics get the big that they desperately need that can rebound, bring energy, defend and get to 50/50 balls.  C’s also receive the perfect wing off the bench that can defend and shoot; Downside is obviously Varejao’s contract.

Celtics trade Oliver Lafayette and/or a future 1st Round Pick to Portland for Rudy Fernandez

–           Fernandez fits and Portland gets rid of a guy who doesn’t want to be on the team and picks up a future 1st round pick for their trouble.

Celtics trade Rasheed Wallace to New Orleans for James Posey

–          Posey is not the player he was in 2008.  He’s older, slower and he’s not a very good shooter.  Posey shot 36% from the floor and 33% from the arch last season.  Posey averaged the lowest minutes per game of his career last year and that was on a team that finished at 37-45.  Would the Celtics pick up the two-years left?  It’d certainly go with their contract structuring they’ve done this off-season.  Could rejoining the Celtics and playing under Doc again, rejuvenate him?  That’s a question the C’s would have to answer before pulling off a deal.

Celtics trade Rasheed Wallace to Sacramento for SG/SF Francisco Garcia

–          Sacramento has Omri Casspi and former 1st Round Pick Donte Greene at the same position.  Casspi and Greene make a combined $2.2 Million, while Garcia has three years left at $17 Million.  Sacramento’s looking to go super young and could create major cap space. The C’s get the backup wing who’s still young, turning 29 on New Year’s Eve Day, runs the floor and has shot 37% beyond the arch over his NBA career.

Unlikely, but worth the thought

Celtics trade Rasheed Wallace to Dallas for Shawn Marion

–          Gives the Celtics a scorer who is athletic, can rebound and play multiple positions off the bench.  Would they take that contract (4-years/$31-$33 Million)?

–          Dallas gets cap space.  C’s might have to throw in a pick.

Celtics trade Rasheed Wallace to Houston for Shane Battier

–          In all likelihood the Rockets will keep Battier’s expiring contract.  But, if it did go down it could be because Houston has a few other wings, including Trevor Ariza who signed a full MLE deal prior to last season.  Maybe a draft pick helps, but doubtful.

Celtics trade Rasheed Wallace to Houston for Trevor Ariza

–          See above.  Would Houston want to get rid of Ariza’s long-term deal?  Only reason this would go down.  Unlikely.


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