1029900831 e1279668054844 The Baseball Reporters Show Recap 7/20

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Tony Massarotti and Dan Roche talked about the interest level of the Red Sox fan base. Also, Jonathan Papelbon is today’s subject for the Stat Of The Day.

Tony Mazz on the interest level of the Red Sox fan base, “In ’03-’05 it was just out of control. And that persisted even through ’06 and into ’07 a little bit. There was a 5 year period there where the Red Sox could not possibly sustain the level of interest they had for any length of time. Where they are now is much more what I would say as normal.”

Dan Roche attributes the lack of interest in this team, in part, to the economy. Dan Roche on the interest level, “Everyone wants to gloss over the fact that the economy is so much better. It’s not. People are being leery of spending their money. People can’t spend the money as freely as they used to spend it. You go to charity auctions, charity benefits, and charity dinners, the people aren’t spending the money on the memorabilia that they used to spend. It’s part of reality. It’s the way it is.”

For those of you who were concerned with Jonathan Papelbon at different points in the season, the Stat Of The Day should help you sleep at night a little better.

Tony Massarotti on the Stat Of The Day, “Since that last blown save in Colorado, Jonathan Papelbon has gone 7 1/3 innings and allowed 1 hit. No runs. No walks. 5 strikeouts. 1 baserunner, by hit or walk, in 7 1/3 innings for Jonathan Papelbon. 5/5 in save opportunities. That is your stat of the day.”


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