98930767 e1279682173343 Audio: Savard A Goner?

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James Murphy dropped by the show to discuss the likelyhood of Marc Savard being traded before the start of the season and lets just say it doesnt sound like he will be sporting the spoked B this season.

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  1. corey says:

    sooo stupid savy is 1 of the best setup men in the league up there w thornton and crosby . chiarelli ur a clown i hope savy scores 90 again to spite ya.

    1. Ted says:

      Your right cory. the league stuck it up th devils bung hole concerning the kovychukup -devils deal,thereby effectively crippling the bruins to be able to time-shift salary like jersey was trying to do on the back end of this contract,and providing tremendous money in the beginning years. All of a sudden a team can`t structure a players salary on determining how they want to pay it. Savard is going nowhere unless Cam Neely,John Hancocks it. Anyone desiring to question his integrity can go down to causeway st. get knocked the “/&% out!!.

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