chinaflagxlcbs Man accused of economic espionage for China

A 45-year-old Westborough man accused of illegally sending trade secrets to China may be granted bail.

Prosecutors said Monday in federal court in Worcester that Kexue Huang passed on insecticide information valued at more than $100 million to Hunan Normal University while he worked for Dow Chemical in Indiana from January 2003 to February 2008.

Huang faces a dozen counts of economic espionage to benefit a foreign government. His lawyer, James Duggan, said in court the allegations stem from an article Huang published in a Chinese academic journal.

Huang, who now works at a Marlborough biofuels company, was arrested Tuesday.

Duggan said his client is a responsible, well-educated person whose family would be willing to give up their passports and use their home equity for his bail.


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