gary100x100 We Ain't There Yet !First….one of each for me, a  self-inflicted dope slap and a reality check  for apparently not totally understanding the implications of electing the first black man to the White House.    I remember thoughts such as “this oughta put an end to suggestions this country is racist……we’ve obviously outgrown that!”

Wrong!   I heard other commentators, conservatives for sure, saying the election of Barack Obama is actually going to make racism worse because everything will be measured on that scale…..because he will make it that way.

Right!   There are dozens and dozens of examples of this, but just go back to the arrest of African-American Harvard Professor Gates by the white American police office in Cambridge and the President of the United States immediately jumps in and says “the Cambridge police officers acted stupidly” and he invites both sides to the White House to sip a beer at the picnic table.

     That gesture was a crock from the get-go, a complete and total waste of time and now here we are a year later with all the evidence suggesting, Professor Gates was the arrogant idiot a lot of us knew him to be from the beginning and the only person “acting stupidly” was the guy in the White House.

     We’ve come a long way baby, but we sure ain’t there yet are we!

     P.S. Yes Joe, this is a big ______deal.


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