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AP file


The legislative session ends at the end of the month and because the governor needs ten days to consider a bill, it’s coming down to the wire for passage of a casino bill this year.   

House Speaker Robert DeLeo wants slot machines at the racetracks; Governor Deval Patrick and Senate President Therese Murray do not.   

However, the governor tells WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Thursday that there is room for compromise.  He says it’s about keeping an open mind and moving things forward.  

He didn’t elaborate on what that compromise might be.  He tells WBZ it wouldn’t be fair to discuss it because he wants to “respect on-going negotiations.”  

WBZ’s Deb Lawler spoke with the governor Thursday morning: 

Earlier this week the governor stood firm, repeating his contention that slots at the tracks are a “no-bid contract.’’  

DeLeo claims slots are the only way to provide an immediate $100 million boost for cities and towns and to preserve track workers’ jobs.  

DeLeo’s  district includes two struggling racetracks.  

Whatever the compromise may be, the clock is ticking. Either you have slots at the race tracks or you don’t.  If there is a compromise out there, members of the House-Senate conference committee will have to find it in a hurry. 

Should the state allow slot machines at race tracks? 


  1. Dan says:

    Why the heck not, if jobs are created then pass the damm bill!!

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