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As part of his new reality show, Terrell Owens is talking to the media, trying to find a home since he is still a free agent. Owens said that he would consider playing for the New England Patriots. Is this a good idea?

Felger: “Are you smoking crack if you want Terrell Owens, I mean seriously? Really? Don’t they already have 1 knucklehead #81 receiver? There’s some talent issues somewhere on the team, no doubt about it. But a big part of the reason last year why they struggled is they sort of lost their way. They lost their soul. They lacked tough, resilient, mentally tough, physically tough players. They lacked that last year. We all agree with it. Every player interview you heard after last year was about taking coaching, being tough mentally and all those things. They needed to get back to being a tough team. How do you address that with Terrell bleeping Owens? No, no! A thousand times no! I’ve been consistent about this. I want the Patriots to sort of stay with the philosophies and the values they’ve had back earlier in the decade.”

Massarotti: “If there’s anybody in this market that thinks T.O. is not tough, or not a competitor, they are so wrong. You need look no further than the Super Bowl. What did he have a broken leg before he came back and played? And 9 catches, or whatever it was, for 120 some odd yards? You could certainly argue he was the best player on the field that day. Owens, in that game, did win my respect as a competitor. Because unlike Moss, when you get Owens in a game, more often than not, you get what he’s got. He’ll give you his best. Now, is he a pain in the ass? They could use a receiver. They could certainly use a big play one. If the contract was minimal, fine. He would bring a level of interest to this team that, right now, might not be a bad thing. I mean, are you convinced this is a playoff team? Because I’m not.”

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  1. john says:

    Yes TO is considered a head case…BUT so was MOSS and if you ask me MOSS has really in the big picture performed up to expectations. Just goes to show you what Belechick is really capable of. He passed on Bledsoe and went with what could be one of the best QB ever in the game who was not proven at all anywhere and got a RING. He will not tolerate a headache (Adalius Thomas) and for cheap money look at the receivers you would have. MOSS, WELKER, HOLT, TOow can anyone defense cover that potential threat. You may need to use the defense from the NFL team with a bye just to do that along with your own starting “D”

  2. Chris Ross says:

    Great article man, it was a very fine read. I think that TO has the stuff to still be a quality contributor to a team, but I guess no one wants to take a chance on his maturity and all that baggage he has. He is still obviously talented but just doesn’t quite have that same gear that he used to which made him so good. I think he would fit well as a #3 guy somewhere if he was willing to take it and he is willing to.

  3. Dennis Johnson says:

    Plain n simple… No… T.O. does not come to the Patriots… The Pats just spent an entire off season dumping locker room viruses from their team… why would they run around and bring the “Ebola” of locker room viruses in TO… There is a reason why a hall fame football player is not being pick up by ANY team, and it has nothing to do with talent or cap space… Its attitude plain and simple… Patriots I hope you don’t lower your standards… TO… Maybe you should consult with Warner on bagging groceries, because thats more likely than you being in a Pats uniform… Felger I have to agree with you on this… Mazz I love to be on your side man, but you have to agree on one thing… Moss had an offseason last year… True… No one and I mean no one saw Moss coming here and doing what he did… He and Tom Brady put on a display that might never be accomplished again, and futhermore I don’t buy into the hype that he has given up on the Pats and threw games away… Something was wrong on a personnal level last year… Since moss has come to New England he has grown immensely as a veteran and leader… I think he is coming back and the years he has in the twilght of his career has put him on a level above TO…Oh one last comment… Tom Brady- Enough with your own clothes line and overpriced suits… Deflate your head Mr. Brady… If the pats don’t select you in the 6th round then your nothing but a chump that never gets picked… Im not taking away anything you have done for this city and team… just calm down on the ego and realize how blessed you are brother… To the ying and yang of sports radio: You guys are great… Keep up the good work and Felger let the haters hate, because there are actually people out there that agree with you… (on somethings)…

  4. Bigpapafi says:

    T.O. would be another big mistake. The Pats have enough issues to deal with and it seems that Brady develops myopia when there is a big name receiver on the field. They won;t be able to use T.O, sparingly without a big stink being put forward by Owens the idiot.
    Best bet is spend the time, effort, and money to develop the tight ends, get an offensive line that can actually open holes and protect the passer, and a defensive team that can actually reach the QB and stop the run.
    It would be a nice change especially from the “defensive guru”.

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