DeLuca's Market on Newbury Street. (WBZ-AM)

The DeLuca’s market on Newbury Street has been shut down by city health inspectors who say the owner tried to sell products that were contaminated by smoke, heat and water from his other location.



The other DeLucas market, on Charles Street, is closed indefintely after a basement fire.

Owner Virgil Aiello admits his mistake in selling some of the items but he says the allegations from health inspectors are over-blown.

“They said we sent produce over there which is totally incorrect. There were some cans, grocery items that had just been delivered totally untouched by the fire. I’m sorry that I did it, and they had a right to fine me. I shouldn’t have done it,” Aiello said, as he stood outside his burned out market.

Aiello says the products he removed were not contaminated and he would never put any of his customers in danger.

DeLucas on Newbury will remain closed until all violations are corrected including a fly infestation that was traced to a salad bar that was too warm.

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  1. Dripable says:

    This definitely makes perfect sense..

  2. طراحی سی دی مولتی مدیا says:

    You’re unquestionably correct with this writing!!

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