jacoby e1278959511190 Felger & Mazz On: Jacoby Ellsbury's Press Conference

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Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti share their opinions on Jacoby Ellsbury and his press conference this weekend after rejoining with the team in Toronto. Was taking shots at the medical staff helpful to Jacoby’s reputation?

Felger: “Fine, Jacoby. They  missed it. As we’ve been told a million times over: A bruised rib is treated in the exact same fashion as a cracked rib. You can’t cast it. You rest it until you feel well enough to play. That’s it. And cracked ribs are typically 4-6 weeks. It’s a pretty standard diagnosis. Let’s say someone goes a little bit longer and takes 8 weeks. Okay, that’s a severe case of it. We’re now on week 13. WEEK 13! We are now at a point where he is going twice as long, 2X, what it usually takes someone to come back from this injury. And that’s the root of it. 13 weeks, that’s the problem. Showing up in the dugout with notes? When you’re telling the truth, do you need notes? And I’m not saying he’s a bold face liar. But, frankly, if something happened to me and I had to answer questions about it and I’m being 100% truthful, I don’t really need notes. ”

Massarotti: “Kevin Youkilis came out and made a comment about it. I think, when that happens, that is reflective of a general sentiment in the clubhouse and that there are guys looking at him saying ‘Who are you? Why are you going to Arizona to rehab? Get your ass on the field and shut up.’ That’s what I think his teammates are generally saying to him. It seems to me that this has been building with teammates, it’s been building with the organization, and it finally came to a head with this particular issue. Which tells me, this isn’t entirely about the ribs. You don’t get the kind of reaction from Kevin Youkilis, or the team, or the doctors, for a first time offense. That doesn’t happen.”

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