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On off days in the schedule like today, Tony Massarotti likes to take a big picture analysis of where this Red Sox team is. After getting swept by the Rays, how high is your panic level? But first, Tony examines Kevin Youkilis getting snubbed by the All-Star voting.

The voting ended today and the Yankees Nick Swisher made the All-Star team over Kevin Youkilis. Prior to this, Red Sox players were 3 for 3 in receiving the final vote for the All-Star game. Tony Mazz believes this speaks to a bigger issue.

Tony on Youkilis getting snubbed, “Sounds like Youkilis got a pretty fair amount of support this year but he didn’t win it. I don’t know. Maybe this supports the theory that the Red Sox fan base is not nearly as rabid as it has been in past years.”

After getting swept by the Rays, Tony’s panic level is very high and suggests to the listeners that theirs should be too. He thinks that the Yankees and Rays play a favorable schedule going into the All-Star break and could increase their leads even more.

Tony on Red Sox Nation’s panic level, “If it’s not high it should be. And the reason it should be is because of the injuries. And I’m not blaming anybody. I think, on the whole, Theo Epstein’s done a pretty good job this year finding some of the guys they’ve found. This team is beat up right now. They just got swept at Tampa Bay. They are now 3 games behind the Rays in the loss column and 5 behind the Yankees in the loss column. And they’re [Red Sox] going to Toronto this weekend while New York’s in Seattle this weekend and Tampa Bay is at home against Cleveland. So both of those clubs are playing against absolute doormats. So how concerned are you about the Red Sox? You should be.”

Mark from Weymouth called in and said that his panic level is off the charts right now, although he admits to being a pessimist. The lineup that he sees every night makes him sick to his stomach. Tony agreed and compared the Red Sox lineup, as of late, to a mid-market lineup like the Kansas City Royals.

One reason to be happy is that Jon Lester is pitching tomorrow night. He will face opposite LHP Ricky Romero.

Comments (2)
  1. Brendan Trudeau says:

    Cliff Lee is going to end up with the Yankees…..Season over.

  2. Brendan Trudeau says:

    I would like to correct my last statement….luckily the Texas Rangers stepped up their trading game and gave Seattle a better deal. There is still a chance to make the playoffs.

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