gary100x100 May God Rest The PrinceTrust me, I intend no disrespect referring to John Henning as “The Prince” but as one of the few in this town who can go back to the early 60’s when John and I launched careers in Radio and Television, he was affectionately known among a few of us in the newsroom as “The Prince.”

     I’ll be honest, I really can’t remember why or how he developed that “handle” but undoubtedly it was some self-effacing comment by John himself that brought it on.

     He was a Prince among Boston’s elite broadcasters with an ability to be tough and a respectful gentleman at all times, to all concerned.  He didn’t mind the spotlight of being a TV Anchorman, but it was always my feeling, he tolerated it in order to immerse himself in the gamesmanship of being a player among the political elites.

     Want to know why Kevin White at one time was one of the most influential Mayors in the country?   Ask John.    Want to know why Kevin White never became Vice President of the United States?  Ask John.  Want to know why Ray Flynn quit as Mayor, or how Tom Menino rose to power, or how Beacon Hill was crooked, or how an arrogant Federal Judge desegregated Boston schools?  Ask John!

John Henning

John Henning (WBZ-TV)

John Henning was the epitome of the “go to guy” when it came to how and why things happen in Boston, or New England for that matter, and one more time, I tip my hat to “The Prince” and ask God to let him rest in peace.


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