Hour 1:

  • Fred talks about closing on his new home and a bris for his son (the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life). Wallach notes that for some reason, women have a fascination with this process and flock to the stage while all the men hide in the back.
  • Male Bag – Fred a Hermaphrodite? ; Lebron James gets tossed under the bus again;  Fred channels Getty Lee; Fred’s Fan Page; War of the Roses

Hour 2:

  • Ode to Adolfo – It’s his 24th birthday, so Toucher and Rich celebrate by playing a few clips of his early days with the show during spring break. He tries to impress the ladies using the “Adolfo Card” and working out. Instead he just wakes up a bunch of dogs.
  • Red Sox injuries – The guys pontificate whether Ellsbury staying away from the team will hurt his career. Rich believes the more they do well without him, the more it proves they don’t need him. Wallach says that he is an impact player and is needed, so he hopes this town won’t run him out.
  • Lebron James and “The Decision”- Lebron will announce what team he will be playing for tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST on ESPN. The guys discuss possibilities and the reasons behind them.

Hour 3:

  • More Adolfo celebrations – Rich plays more clips including the gay gym endorsement, physical fitness game review (Treadmill + Adolfo talking = Ouch), Adolfo’s contract well wishes from his ex Burger King manager who also barely speaks English and Adolfo’s stand-up comedy act.
  • More basketball trade talk – Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are going to Miami Heat. Fred flips out over how “experts” have no accountability for bad predictions. Regular people have just as much access to information as they do and know just as much.
  • Adolfo’s Dunkin Donuts commercial
  • The guys have a laugh about how ridiculous an hour long special on Lebron’s decision is.

Hour 4:

  • Tampa Bay Rays announcer Dave Wills talks Red Sox.
  • Adolfo’s dad calls in and Rich plays clips of Adolfo Sr. giving him advice. Adolfo Jr. also says that he “knows the ways of a woman,” and his father assumes that to mean his girlfriend is pregnant. The scary part is he seemed OK with the prospect.  Adolfo explains that he is no longer a virgin and his dad rejoices that his son isn’t “the gay.” Adolfo Sr. wishes his son a happy birthday and asks him to visit.
  • Clip of Adolfo singing his own version of “99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One.”
  • You Listened, Now Discuss
  • Crossover

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