Gov. Deval Patrick says he thinks the Legislature will revisit tighter restrictions on elderly drivers in Massachusetts.

The Democrat said Wednesday a law he signed last week requiring vision tests every five years for those 75 years old and older was the best he could get.

He says, “It’s not nothing. It’s not even a baby step. It’s a big step.”

Three days before the law was signed, an 89-year-old driver was accused of striking a 72-year-old pedestrian in a Chelmsford parking lot.

Patrick says he favors cognitive testing for senior citizens, and it may be resurrected.

Comments (3)
  1. Sportsfan says:

    OK Deval, you want to apply more stringent driving tests on the elderly. I want to excerise my right to vote (before you restrict that too). I am certain that my vote will not go to you.

    Maybe your next cause will be to come up with a maturity test for younger drivers. Oh not that! They are future donation sources for years to come.

  2. RP says:

    It is imperative that any law that passes has alternative transportation plans for any senior that loses their license. For once the legislators should give some fore thought to a law. Unlike the recent bill that bans texts. But allows you to surf the web and type emails.

  3. Ann says:

    i had seen Eledery driver down the streets where i live and some are good drivers but i also seen some bad drivers that should not be on the roads,
    if i was 80 something years old and not good driver i will no be driveing all i would be doing is hurtting someone on the road or hit something.
    But i think anyone from age 75 and older shouild be tested for driveing,
    i have a Aunt who she 86 years old she get driving test everytime she renew her lic in Conn and she is a good driver also.

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