docrivers e1278448442982 Celtics Rebuilding On The Fly

(AP Photo)

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated joined Felger and Mazz to discuss what the Celtics have done in the draft and what the fans can expect from the C’s this offseason. Mannix says the Celtics are trying to rebuild on the fly. Will it work?

Chris Mannix: “If you’re Boston, you want a rebounding center. Shaq can do that for you 20 minutes per game. With Garnett, Big Baby, and Shaq, that gives you a decent tandem. Also, there are veterans in the Celtics locker room to manage Shaq’s personality. I don’t buy into any other alternatives. If you’re going to plug someone in, Shaq is a better fit in the low post and rebounding than Brad Miller.”

Felger asked Chris Mannix if the Celtics blew the opportunity to get in on the free agent action this summer. Mannix didn’t think so, saying that the Celtics didn’t have a real chance at landing the top tier free agents anyway.

Chris Mannix on the Celtics rebuilding, “You can’t just up and rebuild. Championship teams are not easy to build. The Celtics have to do what the Spurs do: hit homeruns on draft picks, which is not easy to do. Danny [Ainge] has to believe that Avery Bradley is a homerun and that their [Celtics] international scouting has to find the right guys. That is the only way to rebuild on the fly”.

Felger goes on to say that the Spurs did it under the core of Tim Duncan and are really the only team to successfully rebuild on the fly. The Celtics are trying to replicate San Antonio, but he thinks it’s asking a lot.


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