125x125 0003 jordan rich and friends "Take Time" I was cleaning out a desk drawer at home.  Every once in a while it makes sense to try and adopt some feng shui in your life, even if it’s one desk drawer at a time.  I came upon a stack of greeting cards sent to me by a radio guest a few years back.

They were “message” cards designed to offer support for friends and family during challenging times.  Throughout the stack were printed affirmations such as “stay strong, expect the perfect outcome,” or “even the strongest people need to lean on someone at times.”  But the very one on top of the deck was perfectly aimed at me and just had to be on top for me to notice it.  It read, “I know you’re sometimes tired physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Take the time you need to recharge.  Rest your body, mind and spirit.  Great healing is taking place.  You only need to relax and let it happen.”  Yes, here was another gentle reminder from the Universe that slowing down and rediscovering rest is not only a good thing, it is so necessary.

Just last week, I ended a nearly fifteen year on-air run hosting the Sunday evening talk show from 10 to midnight.  As most of you know, I am also behind the microphone during the long overnight shifts on Fridays and Saturdays.  It adds up to a lot of wear and tear and sleep deprivation for even the fittest of individuals (as any shift worker knows).

For most of my adult life I have worked weekends in addition to a full time weekday job running a production studio.  I have patted myself on the back for years, relishing my identification as one of “hardest working guys in radio.”  Turns out, like so many people, I fooled myself into thinking this kind of schedule can continue forever.  I credit my lasting through a 7-day week with insane hours to a strong body with healthy genes, clean living and a healthy supply, perhaps an overabundance of adrenalin.  But I’m here to tell you my dear readers something you all already know.  That no one cheats time and nature for too long.  This finely tuned, nutritionally balanced, lean and mean body of mine finally had enough and sent me signals that it was time to slow down.  For me, cutting out that one radio shift means a return to healthy, rejuvenating sleep at the end of a busy weekend, a freeing up of several hours of prep work for this one show, a chance to be with my wonderful family and friends for one full day without needing to rush back to work, a chance to breathe.

I’m still quite active and busy but have taken a closer look at priorities and have taken to doing some much needed internal feng shui work.  I am no longer lunging after every single opportunity, feeling responsible for the needs of so many strangers.  Instead, I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that in order to thrive, I need to sort out what is not only important but that which will bring me the most meaning. A recent guest Dr. Matthew Edlund, an expert on sleep and rest, spoke of research that proves Americans are overworked, overstressed and not getting enough rest, let alone sleep.  He made the cogent point that humans are often compared to machines and shouldn’t be.  Replace a machine’s part or battery cell and you can expect it to resume peak performance.  Or, despite your efforts, when the machine conks out, toss it and buy a new one.  We humans don’t have the option of tossing the body we have and exchanging it for a new one.  We can certainly add or transplant parts, but without nurturing and self-care, we’re likely to go the way of an overworked toaster-oven and burn out early.

So, no big life lesson here, just a friendly reminder from one who is lucky enough to now know something about his limitations.  When you’re on the ride and moving fast with the wind at your back, it’s easy to forget that every fast car has to slow down sooner or later.  Nothing is forever, but with rest and time to unwind, the present moment can be so much more enjoyable.  Take good care of yourself.  Employ self-empathy and slow down.  It’s so good for the soul and so vital for the body.

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  1. Mary McManus says:

    Jordan, as an example of practicing good self care you are helping to transform the lives of so many who look to your words of wisdom each week and who respect what you have to say. You did this for yourself but as a result, are touching the lives of thousands who may just stop and give pause and take time to smell the roses. God bless!

  2. lax says:

    what a screwed up fire works show they finally start and yu cant hear them over the screaming music. Love toby keith great to have a shit kicker in town just made the whole experience so much more fucked up then i could believe keep yelling and drown out the fire works great job aholes.

  3. joan miller says:

    Doesn’t it al,come down to Stop & SMELL THE ROSES have enjoyed WBZ for many years, with David ‘etal Repectfully. Joan Miller York PA

  4. Gayle Edgar says:

    This is a reminder we all need periodically .. one of those things we basically know is true .. but we live in a state of denial about it until something brings us up short. I just had this conversation with my son-in- law who was visiting with my daughter and their four children this past week from Brentwood, TN. He was working on his computer and blackberry part of every day they were here .. and my son and other sons-in-law do the same all the time. The wonderful technology of this 21st century has made it so that these young men and women in the work force are never away from work! I only hope they learn at some point what you have just stated .. that you cannot go on at that pace forever!
    I hope they figure it out before it is too late for someone.

    We also talked about the fact that the children are over programmed and don’t know how to enjoy downtime .. don’t know how to entertain themselves .. get anxious if they don’t have something scheduled to do! Our culture continues to pressure them into organized activities too much of the time. When they get out of school for summer vacation .. they go right into swim team, tennis lessons, camp, sports camp .. or something!
    Gone are the days of just going outside and playing with the kids in the neighborhood .. because there ARE no kids in the neighborhood .. they are all at camp, etc.!

    Oh well .. we just have to keep reminding ourselves .. we need to go “back to the well” every so often .. like I do with my faith ..
    the need for pulling ourselves up short and taking some deep breaths and refreshing ourselves .. then going on again.
    Thanks for the insight!
    I thoroughly enjoy your program on Friday and Saturday nights ..
    you are the best “talk show host” on raidio in my opinion.
    Breathe deep!
    Gayle Edgar

  5. dan frank says:

    well we will miss on Sunday but thank God we’ve got you on Fri. and Sat…enjoy your extra time off Dan

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