102419795 e1277591148305 The Future of The Bruins

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Tyler Seguin joined D.A., Bob Beers and Dave Gosher right after he was selected second overall by the Bruins.  Tyler commented that he was open to play both wing and center and that he was blessed to join the Bruins organization.

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  1. Tim says:

    Kirill Kabanov
    Ht/Wt:6.02/176 lbs
    Team: Moncton (QMJHL)

    This should be the first pick for the Bruins in round 2….He is sick skills ..unfortuantely he is a nut case. But maybe Chara can keep him in control. He has Hall skills.

    2010 NHL Draft Notes

  2. Le Flam-beh says:

    Sounds like a neat kid. Predicitng possible Joe Sakic like game, maybe Joe Juneau. Crafty but can score, nice wrist-shot.

    Now, on to Dave Gosher: Is it true the guys at your gym (Worlds in Somerville) worship you because you have bench pressed 613.5 lbs? Please explain this freakish feat of strength.

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