soccer1 e1277230329178 Dan Shaughnessy Attacks Soccer!

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The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy joins Zo & Gary Tanguay to talk Celtics and Bruins, but ends up sharing his thoughts about the World Cup and soccer in general.  Let’s just say Dan’s not a fan.

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  1. ANN says:


  2. Geoff says:

    Dan can shove it up his vuvuzela.

  3. Ed S. says:

    Wow… compelling arguments from an entitled Baseball writer and two Macho-meatheads. You’ve swayed my opinion! Thank you…

  4. Claude's turkey-neck says:

    That’s it? That’s all we get? Well I don’t like baseball because no one, not even ONE person in the world, knows when it’s going to end and it’s so much longer than soccer games and more boring. Does this mean I should dismiss baseball? And I guess having a professional sport that the US partakes in where a US organization didn’t make all the rules is really annoying… if you’re an arrogant prick that thinks everyone in the world should bend to the US’s every whim. If you’re going to point out reasons to not like soccer, point out the diving or something big, not vuvuzelas. They’re not at every world cup. But even if you did go that route anyone could easily point out the flaws of all sports, like the NBA’s officiating since Dan brought up the bad call in the US soccer game. I guess it does suck if you’re a US fan and they’ve just never been anything more than mediocre in WC play, but it’s not the sport’s fault. But I must also add that I love the US team’s heart, it seems like they keep getting better and I hope for the sake of real soccer in this country that they keep up good work.

  5. Craig says:

    well this isn’t very productive for a sports radio station, considering the world cup is the biggest sporting event worldwide, no other event even comes close, and according to the numbers, more americans watched the world cup than the NBA finals….. hmmm real good way to captivate your audience and retain listeners…. I hope their bosses take notice

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