artest e1276544308645 "He [Artest] is the Lakers' Wideman"

(Getty Images)

Felger and Massarotti opened Monday’s show recapping Game 5 and just couldn’t help themselves in bashing Ron Artest.

Felger: “He plays stupidly, do you watch him? On offense he’s dumb. He dribbles forever, bad shots, he’s not value add on that side of the floor. He’s a disaster, he plays like an idiot. He was supposed to be the X-factor. This, you know, cagey veteran who was going to change the make-up of the Lakers and change the tenor of the series and give the Lakers that thing that they missed. Instead, I don’t know if he’s been value add to that team”.

Massarotti: “He’s the Lakers [Dennis] Wideman. He’s not the 1 on 1 defender we thought he was coming into this series. Pierce annihilated him last night”.

Felger: “I was wondering going into the series why everyone was giving him credit for just being that guy. For being Dennis Rodman, or Robert Horry, you know just one of those X-factor guys that does all little things, or clutch things that help you win it. He’s never been that guy. He plays like an ass clown”.

Felger predicted the Celtics will win in 6 and he’s sticking to it. He believes all the trends are going in the Celtics direction and that the Lakers are looking like they did in 2008: Kobe trying to do it all himself, Kobe questioning his teammates, and not playing enough defense.

Tony Mazz thinks that game 6 is no slam dunk for the Celtics, “We’re all saying ‘All they need is 1 more and they can wrap this thing up’. This is no slam dunk. Do not delude yourself into thinking that all these trends are going the Celtics way when they’ve played 3 games at home in this series”.

The Celtics will look to close out the series and win their 18th championship Tuesday night in Los Angeles at 9 pm.


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