darnelldrewnava e1276557022388 The Baseball Reporters Show Recap 6/14

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Mark Cofman, author of the book “162-0”, joined Tony Massarotti on today’s show to promote his new book. Tony thinks it would make a great Father’s Day gift for those who haven’t gone shopping yet. Also, Tony uses the off day in the Red Sox schedule to take a big picture assessment: Who is this team? Where is it going? And are you satisfied with what you’ve seen so far?

Mazz acknowledges that this Red Sox team has dealt with a lot of adversity this season as far as lineup instability goes. In the 65 games they’ve played this year, they’ve had 54 different lineups. But this Red Sox team is only 4 GB in the AL East. Considering all the obstacles they’ve faced, Tony thinks this Sox team has been just fine and could be a hell of a lot worse.

Tony on the Red Sox, “They got off to a horrible start. They’ve had injuries at key spots. The guy who started for them on opening day has given them nothing. Nothing when you think about what they’ve gotten out of Beckett. Their leadoff man has played in 9 games. So there’s just a lot that has gone wrong with this team and for them to be within 5 games of the Yankees and Rays at this point, again that’s in the loss column and 4 overall, I’ll take it. I still don’t think the Red Sox have put their best team on the field”.

Mike in the car called into the show and is skeptical that this team can sustain this pace for the rest of the year. He believes that this club is basically a minor league team. Tony agrees that the pace will be hard to sustain all season and somewhere along the line the role players that are contributing for them will max out.

Johnny in the car called into the show and praised Terry Francona for this Red Sox team being where it is now after all the different shuffling of the lineups. Tony agrees that it is definitely a reflection on the manager for where this team is right now.

The Red Sox are off tonight, then open up a 3 game series at Fenway vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks tomorrow. Clay  Buchholz will get the start and will face Ian Kennedy.


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