98442775 e1276223394225 Oilers GM: "No proposals. But I’m all ears."

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Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini confirmed Thursday that he has spoken to Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, but not about the first pick in the NHL Draft. “Last time I talked to Peter was the general managers’ meetings in Philly (between Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup final.) Peter hasn’t thrown any names at me. No proposals. But I’m all ears,” Tambellini told The Edmonton Journal. “I don’t know what it take to give up the first pick overall in this year’s draft. I know there will be proposals and I’m looking forward to seeing what they might be, but I don’t know if I would recommend to [Oilers president of hockey operations] Kevin (Lowe) or our ownership that we should move the first pick.”

The Bruins currently hold the 2nd overall pick. Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin are expected to be the top two picks. The Bruins also have the 15th and 32nd overall picks this year, and two first round picks in the 2011 draft. The 2010 draft begins on June 25th.

  1. Tim Moriarty says:

    No proposals yet? Well, in a recent conversation, a friend had a great idea: not try to trade up for the number 1 pick, but try to get BOTH picks! Crazy? Think about it…

    The Bruins, though touted as a young team, are still basing a lot of production on veteran players, and the addition of rookie “studs” as my friend calls them is an almost necessary step in the team’s progression toward its first cup in almost 40 years. Just look at what a young pair of players did for Chicago this year and for Pittsburgh last year, not to mention the Caps always being a threat because of their young arsenal.

    And what would it take to make this dream a reality? With a few exceptions (Rask being the first that comes to mind), the Bruins should really offer almost anything to make such a deal. There are plenty of draft picks over the next couple years, including the 15th in this year’s draft, that could be the basis for a tempting offer. And if the goal is to add young guns, why not try to deal some proven veterans: Thomas, Chara, and, though it hurts me to even mention him in a trade scenario, Savard. There are also a cast of supporting characters who this year almost begged to be dealt: Lucic, Ryder, and Wheeler to name a few. The major problem would be cap space, as dealing a host of players to Edmonton would require the Oilers to absorb a large sum in salaries, and the NHL’s no cash trade rule would be a damper on the deal.

    And what if Edmonton can’t be bought? Aim the crosshairs at Florida or at worst Columbus. Offer them similar deals as Edmonton. Why not try to stack Boston into two of the top four picks, especially when the Bruins need to solidify the blue line as well, and Fowler or Gudbranson could fill that role?

    With the stellar net-minder Rask as the backbone of the team and the newly aquired “studs” playing solid hockey and lighting the lamp, the upside for the organization would be huge. Fans would snag tickets, merchandise sales would soar, and the excitment and buzz in Boston would reach a level not seen since the real Big Bad Bruins.

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