Toucher & Rich Podcast 6/9/10

vic the brick 06 Toucher & Rich Podcast 6/9/10Today on Toucher & Rich, Adolfo “The Celtics Expert,” Brian Scalabrine talked about Game 3, and Vic the Brick joined T&R live in studio.

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  • Mike

    I missed being able to listen to the whole show. Thanks!

  • Eric

    Thanks Geno. Keep up the good work man.

  • Jason

    is the full-show podcast up on iTunes? The latest episode that I see was posted on June 1st.

    • CBS Radio

      Hi Jason – no… see our “Podcast Update” posted yesterday for more.

  • JackBurton65

    Hey Geno, any idea why this wouldnt be working? Downloads really slow and ends up timing out…

    Thanks for getting these out there though!

    • CBS Radio

      Try clearing your cache and reloading… usually does the trick.

  • Marc

    I love the full episodes! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

  • Borat

    The whole show! WAWAWEEWAH! Itsa naaice! Aa laaike!

  • Robb

    Are the full podcasts going to be a permanent thing or will CBS eventually expect you to go back to iTunes?

  • TSP

    Always been a Brendan Shanahan fan. Would have loved to see him in a B’s uniform. Nice job !!!!

  • Chris G.

    The 12 minute clips just weren’t cutting it. Thanks for bringing the whole show back online.

  • John

    Me driving in my car, “Perk the Derk.” me spitting my diet coke all over my car.

  • Office Worker

    Finding this just made my day!!! Thank you Geno!

  • Frank

    Vic the Brick is solid gold …. I just listened to hour 4 for the 3rd time. Hey Daniel Boone …. is great stuff

  • Mary

    OMG…I was crying with laughter driving to work yesterday morning listening to the interview with the Celtic expert. Well done…..

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