celticssss e1275938409790 The Celtics Know How To Win

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On today’s show, Felger and Massarotti give a recap of last night’s Celtics victory and explain why the intangibles are the key to this series.

Felger: “They have this intangible thing. It’s certainly non-specific, it’s an intangible thing. They know how to win. There’s no moment that’s too big, they’re clutch for the most part, they do the right things when they have to do the right things. They’re well coached. They’re tough, and they just have those things. And those things are hard to come by. And I think the Lakers have them too, but not like the Celtics. I think the Celtics have them in that department.”

Massarotti: “Look, I said this from the beginning. This thing, to me, is going the distance. It’s going to be this way all the way through, especially if the officials keep calling it the way it is. They [officials] are going to keep the game close is what I’m saying. You get that many whistles it’s going to be impossible for one team to pull away. These games are going to come down to the final 6 minutes all the time. Get used to it, every game is going to be like last night.”

Felger: “I think the Lakers have a bunch of tough, clutch competitors. And I think the Celtics just have more. And I think that’s why they won that game last night.”

Both games thus far have been very tightly officiated. In last night’s game, the officials called 58 personal fouls in 48 minutes of play. In game 1, there were 54 personal fouls in 48 minutes.

Felger and Mazz both agree that the officiating hasn’t favored one team over the other, but that the amount of whistles is disrupting the flow of the game.


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