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John Manuel of Baseball America joined Tony Massarotti on today’s edition of The Baseball Reporters show to talk about Red Sox player development under GM Theo Epstein. John and Tony believe that there is a gap in the Red Sox player development and they discuss why there is this gap.

Theo Epstein has been involved in drafting for the Red Sox since 2002. Theo has been great in acquiring early round talent with players like Jon Lester, Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz. However, Tony believes in 2006 the Red Sox started to slip a little bit.

Tony, “Then, ’06, and this is where they start to go cold a little, especially in the first round. They got Daniel Bard that year in the 1st round with the 28th pick. But in the preceding selection, Jason Place. Then, in the 2nd round of ’06 Justin Masterson now gone. They’re getting good return on Bard, but those other 2 kids are gone. In 2007, [Nick] Hagadone, Ryan Dent. Hagadone’s gone, he was their 1st round selection. In 2008, Bryan Price gone. They also got Raymond Fuentes and Casey Kelly. It really starts for the Red Sox in that ’06 draft. They slipped a little there after a big draft in ’05. Now, as a result, they have a little bit of a gap in that player development system which is part of the reason they don’t have a great deal of help now in AAA and why they may not have a great deal to trade come the July 31st deadline.”

John Manuel of Baseball America thinks that the Red Sox have been great in player development and has been a big part of their success. He also talks about why he thinks the Red Sox have slipped in recent years.

John Manuel, “I think what they’ve done is they’ve actually gone a little bit more for the more higher risk higher reward player. I think they’ve gone a little bit younger and I think that’s why there’s a gap. They’ve been very aggressive internationally and aggressive with high school players. These are guys that take a little bit longer to develop and I think that’s why there’s a little bit of that gap. I don’t think the talent is down in the system, I just think they’re taking a different caliber of player.”

The Red Sox travel to Cleveland tonight to take on the Indians. Daisuke Matsuzaka gets the start for the Red Sox, he will face RHP Fausto Carmona. In their last 7 series, Boston has gone 5-0-2. The Red Sox look to continue their rout of below average teams and it starts tonight vs. the Indians.


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